Social Media 2013: What to Stop Doing, What to Embrace


Social media strategy in the coming year is going to be all about images, mobile and local focus. Stop hiding on social media and embrace these new trends.

Social Media 2013: What to Stop, What to Embrace

This is the best time of year to look back over your social media marketing results and make plans for the New Year. As we head into 2013, here are a few reminders or what to avoid on social media, and three trends to embrace in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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Marketing Tips to Trigger Vice: Indulge. Be Unique. Rebel.

You know that nagging feeling of wanting something you simply can’t have, or just plain shouldn’t have, right?  That challenge sometimes causes a fascination that leaves you wanting more, or lures you in to try something you might not normally try.  Did you know that you can use Vice, a fascination trigger, as a marketing tool? How many of us indulge in a great cup of coffee? We seem to have a Starbucks on every corner, so how do other competitors survive?

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Happy Social Media Day! Find your Mashable #smday Meetup.

Today social media enthusiasts are gathering to share information, learn from others, and celebrate the digital media revolution.  You’re not sure how you can get involved?  Mashable made it really easy for you!

Participate in #smday:

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